From: Macedonian Patriotic Organizations in Toronto Canada

To His Excellency Max Van der Stoel and other members of the E.C.

Dear Gentlemen,

We the Canadian citizens of Bulgarian background from the geographical territory called Macedonia are disturbed by the remarks made by the Minister for the immigrants from the FYR Macedonian Mr. Trenevski.

In his remarks to Your Excellency in Skopie about the illegal organization "OMO Ilinden - Pirin" in Bulgaria, Mr. Trenevski omitted a most important thing, that is, that this organization had been created by the Yugoslav embassy in Sofia in 1990. In his expose Mr. Trenevski neglected to inform Your Excellency that the "Macedonian Nationality" was created by the communist movement (Commintern 1934 ) in Moscow and that the "Macedonian language" was created by decree in 1944 by the Yugoslav government.

It is pity that Mr. Trenevski has not even read what the Premier of the FYR Macedonia, Mr. Lupcho Georgievski, had written on the subject of Macedonia.

On July 7 and July 14 1995 Mr. Georgievski wrote many pages on the subject of Macedonia in a journal called "Puls". In his article Mr. Georgievski accuses most of the professors in the University of Skopie of not knowing that most of the personalities who are Worshipped to-day in Macedonia such as: Gotze Delchev, the brothers Miladinov and the thousands other so called Macedonians were in fact Bulgarian. Mr. Georgievski makes a point in his expose by stating that the people in Macedonia for the first time expressed their free will by voting in 1873 to join the Bulgarian Exharhate. By this act they declared themselves Bulgarian. The second time this free will was expressed was in September 1991 when they voted for free and independent Macedonia. What a shame for Mr. Trenevski that he has neglected to read all these articles. If he had read them he too would have come to the conclusion that we are all [descendents of] Bulgarians divided by the great powers since the congress of Berlin in 1878.

The other point for consideration is Mr. Trewnevski"s own self appointment as a spokesperson for the Bulgarians in the PIRIN region of Bulgaria.

We who are writing you this letter are Bulgarians from that region of Macedonia and also representing the Canadians of Bulgarian background from the same region in Macedonia. We have not given him any power of attorney to be our spokesperson.

It is important to point out to Mr. Trenevski that many international institutions have pointed out, the Slavic inhabitants of Macedonia are in fact all Bulgarian. Not long ago the Carnegie Endowment for the Humanities on the causes of the Balkan wars, was published in Skopje. In this book it was shown that the Slavic people of Macedonia are considered as Bulgarian. Recently, the Russian Academy of Sciences also pointed out that the Slavic inhabitants of the FYR of Macedonia are Bulgarian.

The American Senate in their Congressional record No. 129 of 1983 states that: "one third of the inhabitants of present day "Macedonian" are Albanians and two thirds are Bulgarian". This document was published in New York Times on 8 of May 1993. When the representative of FYR of Macedonia wrote a letter to the editor objecting to the document, New York Times published, the following remarks "Do not believe, that the Macedonians are not Bulgarian". On Sept. 1st of 1997 the President of Greece, His Excellency Kostis Stefanopoulos said that: "The Slavic People of Macedonia are Bulgarian and their language is Bulgarian".

The previous Secretary of State of Unitde States of America, Dr. Henry Kissinger on the 5th of April 1999 said publicly [on CNBC] that when the Albanians of Kosovo reach some sort of independence, then the Albanians in Macedonia would join together with the Albanians in Albania and make one Albanian state. When this happens Dr. Kissinger stated "the Slavic Inhabitants of Macedonia who are all Bulgarian will join Bulgaria." The problem of the representatives who are in the present parliament of Skopje all have the mentality of chauvinistic Yugoslavians. Why is it that not one of the newspapers in Skopje ever mentioned the above statements?

The last thing which comes to mind is the remark Mr. Trenevski made in one of the Toronto radio programs of April 22nd 2000 that is: "till now all the liturgy in all of the so called Macedonian churches was in Serbian, and from now one it will be in "Macedonian"?. What kind of language is this "Macedonian" when all the language consultants in the newspapers in Skopje are Serbian. We would point to the readers to look at the names of the editorial boards of all of the newspapers printed in Skopje. Is it possible that only the Serbians know this [so called "Macedonian"] language? Or is it simply rudimental Bulgarian with 25% Serbian words. Where else in the world a language has been created by a decree?

Where else in the world there is a language law to protect the honor of the "Macedonian" nation" It seems it is only a pretext to put people in prison if they say they are Bulgarian. We will point our that till 1983 20 % of the Bulgarians in the geographical region called Macedonia [present FYR of Macedonia] were in prisons. From 1944 till present day 15.000 people were killed there as Bulgarians and 200,000 passed through the Yugoslav prison system. All the people who supposedly created the Socialist Republic of Macedonia (Aug. 2. 1944) were killed and no newspaper or radio announcer was allowed to mention their names till few years ago. Mr. Trenevski has to ask himself the question when did we as subjugated Bulgarians become liberated "Macedonians".

Thank you for you attention on this matter.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Aleksander Karadjov, Chairperson

For MPO "Luben Dimitroff", Toronto
37 Marcella St. Toronto Ont. M1G 1K9

George Mladenoff, Chairperson