"About our Bulgarian Association Radko"
by: Vladimir Paunkoff, Riste Manev and Ivailo Koutzaroff

    The Association "Radko" was formed on it's Constitutional Assembly on May the 24th of the year 2000. The presentation a" the implementation of cultural and educational rights, interests and beliefs in accordance of with the Constitution and the Law of the Republic of Macedonia. The Citizen Association "Radko" was registered on June the 19th of the year 2000. As a non-profitable, non-governmental and non-political organization in accordance with the Law, under Reg.Zgf.No. 18/2000 at the Lower Court - Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.

1. The Association name

    The Founders of the Association have taken the name of "Radko" the most frequently used pseudonym of Ivan Michaloff, Ivan Michalov - Radko's live, revolutionary, cultural and especially his publication and literary activities are closely vowed in the history of Macedonia. Praised by many, including the founders of this Association, and denounced by his ideological adversaries. He stands and still remains the legend that he is. Although his work has yet to be reviewuated, it is unquestionable that under his leadership the Macedonian Liberation Movement grew, as an example for freedom of the human spirit.
    Leaving the coming generations a holy vow, the completion of the Liberation Movement. Ivan Michailoff remained at the head of the movement for the longest and most difficult period, from 1925 to 1990. He remained and functioned as an intellectual and moral supporter of the revolutionary and cultural aspiration of the Bulgarians in Macedonia. Leaving us to conclude, because of it's historical facts, all his literary work is of immense value. The most authentic and authoritative testimony of the revolutionary and cultural aspiration of the Bulgars from Macedonia and their ideology in Macedonia's Liberation Movement. His "Memoir" are significant and of great value when considering the more recent history of Macedonia.

2. Aims of the Association

  • to raise and affirm the entity of the Macedonian Culture and centuries old declaration by the Slavs of Macedonia as Bulgarians
  • to re-establish traditional, ethnical and human values
  • to affirm the ideas of the Macedonian Freedom Movement.
3. Means of the Association:
  • through individual and group activities of it's members and other bodies of the Association
  • through the publication of it's own newspaper, periodicals and books
  • through it's own electronic media
  • founding of Libraries
  • organizing conferences, seminars and forums with eminent scholars, foreign an local
  • through close collaboration with renowned Institution, foreign and local
  • collaboration with similar Association and Organizations through out the world.